US Paragliding Nationals 2014 at Chelan Flats

We had amazing flying in Chelan and I was glad to have my first national competition be held there. We flew all 7 days. I broke my flight duration personal best twice and broke my open distance personal best at 126 miles (204 km). I drove up with Aaron Price and we stayed in a big house with 12 other pilots. It was a busy week with non-stop flying and retrieving. I flew my Ozone M4 with the Impress 3 pod harness. On my flight deck I used the Kobo with Blueflyvario installed, Flymaster Nav and Yaesu VX8 radio.
Below are some photos.

After this competition my total logged hours are 407 in 248 flights.

New personal bests in paragliding.

Yesterday I flew from Sylmar to Victorville with Aaron Price and Alex Gagarin on a Mantra 4 paraglider. It was supposed to be a good day and it truly was. We launched early at 11:45 am. Katie Myers was our amazing driver. For me it was a flight to smash 4 personal bests.
1.) Flight duration of 5:19.
2.) Open distance of 64.9 miles.
3.) Altitude gain of 11,827 ft.
4.) Most altitude gain in one thermal : 5866 ft (1788 m)

For the first half of the flight we were all together. Then Alex and I got an amazing climb (5866ft in one thermal!) but Aaron missed it. While Aaron struggled to climb out we kept going. Next it was my turn to miss the great thermal and Alex skied out and headed for Victorville. While I struggled to climb out Aaron was catching up and we soon joined forces and flew the convergence out into the valley toward Victorville. We reached Victorville and decided to land while Alex kept going and made it all the way to Barstow. Both Aaron and Alex pulled full stalls during the flight; I guess I got lucky on that on.

Here is the leonardo link :
Here is a screenshot of the flight :
Sylmar to Victorville